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Special holiday gift box packaging丨Add brand personalization

moon cake gift box packaging

design + production

We provide customers with a variety of unique moon cake gift box designs, and can customize according to customer needs, so that each gift box can be unique. Customers only need to choose their favorite design and gift box style, and add the brand logo, then they can easily order exquisite mooncake gift boxes. Whether it is a gift or for personal use, we can provide customers with high-quality gift making services to make the festival more exciting!

【Moon cake box】

月餅盒款 05.jpg

​Traditional Mooncakes - Pack of 4

月餅盒款 03.jpg

​Mini Mooncakes - 6 Pack

月餅盒款 06.jpg

​Traditional Mooncakes - Pack of 2

月餅盒款 02.jpg

​Mini Mooncakes - 4 Pack (Square)

月餅盒款 01.jpg

​Mini Mooncakes - Pack of 9

月餅盒款 04.jpg

​Mini Mooncakes - 4pcs (horizontal)

【Box Style】

天地蓋盒 01.jpg

Heaven and earth cover box

郵寄盒 01.jpg

mailing box

頂揭盒 01.jpg

Top box

雙頭插摺盒 01..jpg

Double-headed folding box


drawer box

牛皮紙盒 01.jpg

Kraft paper box + waist paper

【Box Design】

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