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Various online marketing tools丨Effectively promote business

internet marketing

Design + Promotion

In today's highly networked era, online marketing has become more and more important to corporate customers.By customizing online marketing tools such as EDM (Electronic Direct Mail), WhatsApp stickers, Facebook, Instagram ads, etc., companies can easily promote their brands, products or services, increase customer interaction and enhance brand awareness.

At the same time, these marketing tools can also be used to boost sales and increase customer loyalty during promotions, festivals or events.We provide tailor-made services to help corporate clients better achieve their network marketing goals and increase market share and brand value.

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Case丨Facebook media advertising posts

Client丨Amundi Asset Management

Mac-desktop-screen-table 拷貝.jpg

案例丨Facebook 媒體廣告帖

客戶丨順豐供應鏈 SF Supply Chain (Hong Kong) Limited

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Case丨WhatsApp / Wechat dynamic stickers

Client丨Amundi Asset Management

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案例丨WhatsApp / Wechat 動態貼圖

客戶丨Future Design


Case丨WhatsApp / IG static stickers

Client丨Rosewood Hotels Hong Kong Rosewood Hotel


Case丨WhatsApp / IG static stickers

Client丨Rosewood Hotels Hong Kong Rosewood Hotel

​Own original texture

We provide a variety of self-created stickers, covering various festivals and themes, so that customers can download and use them for free. In addition, if the customer has the need to modify the trademark, please contact us for a quotation. Whether using off-the-shelf stickers or customized stickers, we are committed to providing customers with high-quality designs and services.

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